WasteTech and EcwaTech International Environmental Award 

EcwaTech & WasteTech Awards EWA

The International Environmental Award EWA - EcwaTech & WasteTech Awards will be held for the second time in 2021 as part of the largest environmental exhibitions in Russia and Eastern Europe - EcwaTech & WasteTech.

This is an exceptional event for the industry of water and environmental technologies in Russia, which allows to determine the leaders in the presented categories.

The selection of leaders is based on the opinions of an Expert Council consisting of recognized sector professionals.

The EWA award is to determine products, services, and projects that have valid high quality.


The award is held by Reed Exhibitions Russia.

Participate in the Award

Become a nominee

Nominate your products, projects, services, achievements and get a large-scale bright PR campaign, as well as the prestigious award that marks the special status of your company on the market

Get your press accreditation

Be in the centre of the event, get access to the award ceremony and highlight the achievements of the winners of the unique award and the advantages of their market offers

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Announce your company to the expert community and get a professional rating - send an application for participation in the Award along with information about products, projects, services and achievements!

Participation in the Award is free of charge.

Award Nominations

  • For contribution to the development of the industry
    (the nominees are individuals or legal entities that have presented the most "revolutionary" equipment, technologies or programs in the field of water management, waste management and ecology)
  • Best technology
    (domestic and foreign solutions for the industry are nominated)
  • Innovative service for the population
    (solutions that improve the quality of customer service and shape industry trends are nominated)
  • Best environmental initiative
    (a project/initiative/program in the field of ecology that contributes to the formation of environmental awareness is nominated)
  • The best environmental policy
    (the program that offers safe and sustainable development of the enterprise during its activities is nominated)
  • Best information resource
    (information resources that have contributed to the formation of environmental awareness and informed society about the development of the Russian environmental sector are nominated)

Award Documents

Award Organizers