• 4-6 June 2019
  • Crocus Expo

Frequently asked questions

Dear guests!

We do our best to make your visit to the WasteTech exhibition convenient and comfortable. For your convenience, here are the most frequently asked questions.


Where will the exhibition be held?

The exhibition will be held in Pavilion 2 Crocus Expo (Moscow).

How to get to the exhibition?

Detailed scheme here.

How to find out who participates and what is presented at the exhibition?

The exhibition site has a convenient online catalog, where you will find not only the names of the participating companies, but also additional information about the products and brands they represent, as well as contact information and events planned at their stands.

Do I need to pay extra for participation in the events of the exhibition program?

Each event has its own conditions. The conditions for participation in each specific event can be found on the “Business Program” page.

What exhibition day is better to come?

All days of the exhibition are equally useful for visiting - they are held with the same composition as the participant. We recommend that you first focus on the events in which you want to participate, since there will be no changes in the exposure itself for three days.

Do I need a ticket to the exhibition?

Yes. Despite the fact that the entrance to the exhibition is free, an entrance ticket (badge) is required for passage.

There are two ways to get your badge:

1. The most convenient is a preliminary registration on the site (until the closing of the exhibition you can be registered).

This method is convenient because:

- You can register at any time convenient to you

- after registration you will receive your badge immediately to the post office (you only need to print it)

- coming to the exhibition, you can immediately go into the halls, bypassing the registration

- in case you have not printed / lost / forgot your badge, it will easily be restored right at the exhibition by your last name

2. The second option - check-in on arrival. You will need to fill in the same form as in the first case, but you will spend time

Can I use a badge for 2 or 3 days of the exhibition?

Yes. Your badge is valid on all days of the exhibition.

What should I do if I have registered, but I have not received a badge by e-mail?

Please check the folder SPAM or SPAM (spam), sometimes letters for some reason get into it. But if there you did not find the letter with the online ticket, please write about the problem from the address you provided during registration to the technical support address it@reedexpo.ru.

Can I buy pass registration directly at the exhibition?

Yes. Registration will be organized in the foyer of Pavilion 2, where the exhibition will take place. But keep in mind that in this case, you can spend time waiting in line.

What should I do if I have registered, but then I lost my badge and letter with badge?

Please write about the problem from the address you provided during registration to the technical support address it@reedexpo.ru or come to the exhibition and state your name at the registration desk.

Is it possible to come to the exhibition with a child?

Yes. There are no age restrictions at the exhibition (the event has a status of 0+).

Do I need to register a child?

No, a child accompanied by an adult will pass without registration.

What is the best way to prepare for an exhibition?

Of course, we recommend examining the online catalog and events of the program to determine what is interesting for you.

Why visit the exhibition every time there are the same companies?

This is not true. About a third of the exposition of each exhibition is WasteTech - companies that have not previously participated in it. The visit will allow you, on the one hand, to see the companies and people that you already know, as well as to have a look and get to know the new products of the exhibition, which also include absolutely new companies on the market.


How to get a printed catalog of the exhibition?

You can purchase it during your visit.

Is it possible to deposit a suitcase?

Not. According to the safety rules, we do not accept any things for storage, there is no such service at the exhibition.

How to print documents in the exhibition complex?

They can be printed at the "Service Center" counter near the Hall - one of the exhibition halls. This service is paid.

Is there a wi-fi on the show?

Not. Crocus Expo has its own wi-fi network, however, we cannot guarantee the quality of its work.

How does the connection in the pavilion catch?

From time to time, due to large crowds of people, mobile communication is not available in the exhibition pavilion. We recommend for urgent calls to go beyond the pavilion. If you are planning a visit with friends or colleagues, we recommend choosing a meeting place in order not to look for each other during the exhibition in case of possible communication failures.

Are the cards accepted on the stands?

Installing terminals for cashless payment on the stands is always at the discretion of each company at the exhibition, so we can not guarantee the possibility of payment by card. However, right in the exhibition pavilion you will find ATMs. ATMs are also located in the Vegas shopping center, which is a 5-minute walk from the

Any further questions?