Mikhail Men is going to lead the Russian environmental operator

November 25, 2019

The Auditor of the Accounts Chamber, the former head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Men, will be appointed head of the Russian environmental operator instead of Denis Butsayev. This was announced on Monday by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev.

"With regard to the new candidacy for the post of Director General, the government decided to appoint Mikhail Me to this post. Currently, the process of its registration is underway," said Gordeev, whose words were quoted in his press service.

Earlier on Monday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev prematurely terminated the powers of Butsaev, who led the Russian environmental operator (has been implementing the reform of the garbage industry) since February 2019.

According to Gordeyev, the practice of the Russian environmental operator this year has shown that the scale of the tasks associated with creating a new waste management industry, in addition to top-level managerial and technological skills, requires the company’s management to work better and more publicly with people, as well as with regional and municipal authorities.

"The new procedure for the collection, processing and disposal of waste should be transparent and understandable to the public, to all participants in the process - from every rural and urban resident to a regional operator. Therefore, the Russian government decided to strengthen the management of REO," said Gordeev.


This is already the second large-scale personnel reshuffle in the leadership of the reform of the garbage industry over the past month: in early November, Vladimir Loginov, deputy head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia, who supervised the reform, left his post where he worked for less than a year. He was replaced by Konstantin Rumyantsev, former assistant to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev.


Reform of the waste management system was launched in Russia on January 1, 2019. It is designed to make garbage management more civilized, solve the problem of unauthorized landfills and significantly reduce the volume of waste disposed of at landfills. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of the Russian environmental operator on January 14, 2019.

Source: ТАСС