The Public Chamber reported on the main problems of the waste management industry in Russia

A report has been published on the website of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which analyzes the situation in waste management industry, with conclusions and solutions to problems

The list of major industry issues includes:

  • lack of new waste treatment and disposal facilities;
  • lack of high-tech solutions at existing facilities;
  • lack of harmony in regulatory legal acts;
  • secondary raw materials are not involved in economic circulation;
  • lack of scientific approach to the safe disposal of waste and landfill reclamation;
  • misuse of environmental collection funds;
  • there is no stimulating demand for recycled products;
  • there is no unified approach to the disposal and disposal of waste of Hazard Class 1-2;
  • subjects formally approach to the development of terschem, and regoperators, reducing investment costs, use cheap and low-tech solutions;
  • tariffs for registrars do not take into account the interests of market participants;
  • the tariff policy of the subjects of the Russian Federation does not allow the creation of a high-tech infrastructure;
  • the regions are planning to create a mechanized sorting and polygons, which does not attract big business and does not solve the problem of recycling back into production;
  • subjects do not have regional waste management programs that provide guarantees to investors and re-operators. The law is carried out formally: choose regoperators, transfer the service to the category of utilities.
An effective way to solve problems, according to the authors of the report, is to create a company with state participation - a single federal operator for handling production and consumption waste and secondary resources. Utilization and environmental fees should be directed to the construction of infrastructure and the development of technologies for treatment, recycling and neutralization.