Russia successfully launched the reform of the waste management industry

Reform of the waste management industry is well under way. The start of the reform was postponed several times; as a result, the current situation with waste required immediate decisions, namely, the creation of a new, civilized, technological industry, which would make it possible to maximally involve solid municipal waste in secondary circulation and minimize environmental harm to the environment.

Yaroslavl region was one of the first to join the process of creating a new, modern, environmentally friendly waste management system and works in all areas, designated by the Government of Russia

Together with the modernization of the waste management system and the launch of the work of the single regional operator, it was possible to keep the charge for providing communal services for the treatment of MSW one of the lowest in the country.

There is a gradual upgrade of the system of transportation and accumulation of waste, a system of separate collection of garbage is being introduced, facilities for the treatment and disposal of waste are being created and modernized.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, already 70 subjects of the Russian Federation have switched to a new system, and the selected regional operators have begun work. Difficulties are noted in 15 subjects, six of them will be ready for transition during the first quarter of 2019.