On September 8-10, the long-awaited WasteTech exhibition, took place at Crocus Expo

The first and only offline event in 2020 in the field of waste management, environmental technologies, ecology and renewable energy ran on September 8-10 at Crocus Expo, Moscow

The exhibition presented high-tech and new solutions and brought together industry professionals - manufacturers and suppliers, Russian government agencies, the business community and public organizations. The difficult global situation, general self-isolation and the inevitable increase in the amount of waste raised many questions that professionals discussed at the exhibition, as well as found effective solutions and lucrative offers, and solved the accumulated problems.

This year, WasteTech and EcwaTech - the two main environmental exhibitions in Russia, were held together. 285 companies took part in the events, including 4 national pavilions - they presented technologies and solutions from 16 countries.

More than 5600 visitors from 68 regions of Russia visited the unified exhibition site. The share of visitors making decisions was 67%.


At the exhibition, visitors could get acquainted with a number of high-tech products, ideas and solutions, conduct initial negotiations or meet with already familiar partners, colleagues and friends.

Among the world market leaders participating in the exhibition are manufacturers, operators and distributors of equipment and technologies: HARTIYA, EKOMASHGRUPP, STALBAU, Vladimirsky Autocenter Kamaz, Luidor, EkoRosStroy, Darex Pro, Technotrade, OPRA Turbines, PROSHOP, as well as official pavilions of Italy and Germany.

The STALBAU company, the only official distributor of the Italian concern IVECO, presented at its stand municipal equipment, garbage trucks for cleaning various types of waste.

New technology for accelerated composting of organic waste was presented at the Agrocompost stand.

The Dutch company OPRA Turbines presented the OP16 gas turbines, a highly efficient, modern yet simple solution that can be tailored to the needs of the plant - maximizing fuel flexibility and low pollutant emissions.

The AVTOKRAFT company, the official dealer of KAMAZ, presented garbage trucks for cleaning various types of waste.

Equipment for processing (shredding) of various types of waste was presented at the stand of Darex Pro: a single-shaft and double-shaft shredder, a tire recycling line, a mobile shredder and installation for cutting CGS.

PROSHOP demonstrated solutions for the disposal of various types of waste. Orwak presses and Oklin organic waste composter were presented.

Expertise and vectors of industry development

Professional discussions, exchange of innovations and opinions, knowledge and first-hand information from the industry community - in the WasteTech business program. Key issues of the industry were discussed in the business program. It began with a ceremony to award the winners of the First International Environmental Prize. Within the framework of the exhibition, WasteTech awards were received by 6 companies in 5 nominations.

Best Technology

•       Winner: NPO BioMikroGeli, project: Biomicrogels® for solving the global problem of ecology

Nomination "For a contribution to the development of the industry"

•          Winner: Hartiya, project “Creation of modern infrastructure for waste management”

•          Winner: Corporation Ecopolis, project “Corporation Ecopolis”

Best Environmental Initiative

•       Winner: Center for Educational, Media and Creative Solutions in the Sphere of the Environment Russian Ecology, the project «Ecological and Educational Center Sborka»

Best Information Resource Nomination

•          Winner: Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, project "Microplastics in the environment: a growing problem on a planetary scale"

 Nomination "Innovative service for the population"

•          Winner: MIROTVORETS, project "MIROTVORETS"

The program continued with a plenary session of the WasteTech and EcwaTech forums “Harmonization of Industrial and Environmental Policy. Technological breakthrough in environmental engineering”. Industry experts discussed the most pressing issues of the industry - the creation of a competitive environmentally friendly industry and an increase in demand for domestic technologies, the transition to an environmental regulation system based on the use of the best available technologies and the introduction of the principles of a circular economy.

At the round table "New opportunities for handling industrial and consumer waste as a driver of regional development", professionals discussed issues of state regulation and interaction of government bodies, financial institutions, industry and the public in the implementation of complex technological projects for waste management within the framework of the national project "Ecology".

On the second day of the exhibition, the key issues of the industry were considered at the III conference "Waste management systems: environmental, legal and technological solutions" #WASTETECHCONF.

On the third, final day of the exhibition, a guest session “Topical issues of the utilization of used tires and the use of recycled products” awaited visitors. For the first time, representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Rusatom Greenway, the largest tire manufacturers and equipment manufacturers gathered based on the existing ecotechnopark. The format of the visiting session made it possible to organize a highly professional discussion on issues of maximum concern to the waste processing industry.


Sort correctly

For the first time the competition "Sorting correctly" was held at the exhibition, where visitors were told about the intricacies of correct sorting of waste, and also offered to sort various items. The most successful visitors received prizes - a smartphone, wireless headphones and an e-book.

Maxim Prygunov - Commercial Director of Vladimirsky Autocenter Kamaz (AUTOCRAFT):

“The field of waste management is on the rise, now there are many questions and challenges. People have to implement new technologies, in fact, creating infrastructure from scratch is a very difficult and serious task. Taking into account the Russian peculiarities, this is a very serious challenge, so all industry participants must be in constant communication - to communicate live, to allow each other to jointly solve difficult problems because the challenges we face are very serious. Events such as WasteTech allow brainstorming and collaboration - people find solutions to the challenges they face.


Now is a rather difficult time, only together we will be able to overcome these difficulties because these issues cannot be solved alone, and events such as WasteTech allow us to exchange experience - after all, sometimes just some missing information is enough to reach a different level of work, another level of issues resolution".


Alexey Chernyavsky - Deputy General Director for Production of Hartiya:

“WasteTech is an annual trade show that gives us an insight into the cutting edge products on the market at the moment, an event that brings all parts of our heavy industry together. The exhibition is international, our colleagues from other countries are participating in it, and we are pleased to see their advanced experience. It is important for us, as a regional operator, to understand what trends are currently formed on the market, what new technological equipment we can use in our future projects.


WasteTech is the flagship of the entire industry, a platform that allows representatives of authorities, government, regional operators, companies providing complex services to communicate - therefore, for us it is a very important and interesting platform for communication and exchange of experience."

Andrey Paschenko - Deputy Director of Public Relations and Mass Media of the Podmoskovny branch of Hartiya:

“WasteTech is the only site in the field of waste management today, where the most successful, largest companies with quite a wealth of experience are represented. We are very pleased that they share this experience with us. We follow with great interest those changes, new items that appear in the field of waste management, recycling, and integrate them into our activities. Here we have the opportunity to look not only at Russian but also at foreign experience - therefore this platform is very important today”.

See you next year, on September 7-9,
in Moscow, Crocus Expo!

Events such as WasteTech allow brainstorming and collaboration - people find solutions to the challenges they face.