The first online market for the garbage sale has been opened

Garbage operators working in the Moscow region no longer face the question of where to put the waste sorted by citizens. Of course, to the garbage store. The country's first online market for the sale of recyclables has opened in the Moscow region, and queues have already appeared in it.

The marketplace was created by RT-Invest, the largest garbage operator in the region. From its four waste recycling complexes located in Sergiev Posad, Kolomna, Kashirsky and Mozhaisk districts of the Moscow region, the company collected more than 100 thousand tons of waste paper, plastic, metal and glass over the year. About half of this volume is sent for recycling to factories that have been established in most cities of the Moscow region, the rest is bought up by neighboring regions - St. Petersburg and Vladimir, Leningrad, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Voronezh regions. "This year, the number of enterprises wishing to purchase recyclables from us has increased tenfold," the press service of RT-INVEST says.

The garbage marketplace works on the principle of an online store, where 20 different fractions of recyclables are presented on a virtual showcase. Only there are 10 different types of plastic, and there are also three types of ferrous and three types of non-ferrous metals, cardboard, paper and cullet

Moreover, this is already pure recyclable materials, compressed into briquettes and ready for processing without any additional manipulations. It is enough to select the desired fraction, specify the required volume, and within a few days, or even hours, the goods will be delivered to their destination.

"There are no problems with supplies yet. The total capacity of our complexes is 1.5 million tons of waste per year, about 20 percent of them are taken in the form of useful fractions," RT-Invest clarifies. It turns out 300 thousand tons of garbage for sale, by volume it is about one and a half Ostankino TV towers. But experts say that this state of affairs will not last long. Recycling enterprises in the country are developing so rapidly that in the near future there will be a shortage of waste. In addition, such enterprises strive for a completely closed production cycle. So RT-Invest has started building its own plastic recycling plant.

"Indeed, now we have learned to process such fractions that used to be used only for burial. Until recently, for example, the case plastic from computer monitors could not be recycled. Today, it is successfully used to make fittings for plastic windows and supports for formwork under the foundation during the construction of houses," said Alexandra Kudzagova, Executive Director of the Fund for Rational Nature Management. Or here are the glasses and tubes of old televisions. Before, they also had one way - to the landfill. Now they are used in the manufacture of paints for road markings. Children's bicycles are made from metal cans, rubber coverings for playgrounds and an additive for adding elasticity to asphalt concrete mix are made from old car tires.

Experts say that in the near future there will be a shortage of garbage. And what have they not learned to produce from plastic! One day, an apparatus capable of "recognizing" plastic in any kind of garbage was brought to one of the RT-INVEST processing complexes. So the smart car stubbornly pointed to the old shoes put in it for the sake of laughter. It turned out that the fur of these shoes was made of polymers - quite soft, fluffy and warm.


Indeed, now we have learned to process such fractions that used to be used only for burial.