The round table is intended to bring together representatives of relevant federal executive bodies, public organizations, business community, and science field, and to take place in friendly working atmosphere. It is aimed at discussing issues of state regulation and cooperation of public authorities, financial institutions, industry and the public regarding the implementation of complex technological projects for waste treatment under the national project "Ecologia"

The round table result will be announced constructive ideas from leading representatives of state, commercial and non-profit organizations focused on the implementation of the designated federal projects.

Invited to participate:

Manufacturers of equipment for waste processing/recycling and treatment facilities, transport companies, technology developers, investment companies, specialists in the waste management sector, regional operators, representatives of regional and municipal authorities; research, design, educational, public and engineering organizations.

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions

Potential speakers are welcome to submit applications to Nadezhda Melyan

Deadline for applications – April 15, 2020



Our purpose:

  1. Address the problem set within the framework of the national project "Ecologia» (federal projects «Integrated solid municipal waste management system», «Clean country»[i]).
    The purpose stated in the  Decree №204 of the President of the Russian Federation dated  07.05.2018 [ii]: the implementation of breakthrough scientific, technological, social and economic development of the Russian Federation, population growth, increasing of living standards, creation of comfortable living conditions, conditions and opportunities for self-realization of each person.
  2. The compilation of the interim summary of the implementation of the national project "Ecologia", discussing issues of state regulation in the field of waste management, the application of the best available technologies for waste disposal and decontamination.




Presentation of successfully implemented programs for waste management and remediation of accumulated environmental damage in the regions




The compilation of the interim summary of the national project “Ecologia”


Adoption of resolution


Moderator: Representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia (agreement process).



  •  “The experience of implementing regional projects in the field of waste management in the framework of the national project "Ecologia" in the Kirov region, Albegova Alla, Minister of Environment;
  • The topic is agreed. Afanasiev Sahamin, Minister of ecology, nature management and forestry of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia);
  • The topic is agreed. Pavlov Alexey, First Deputy Minister of Natural resources and Ecology of the Republic of Karelia;
  • The topic is agreed. Nagibin Andrey, Chairman of the Board, Executive Director of the Russian public organization "Zeleniy patrul’".

Invited to participate:

  • Tikhonov Denis, Minister of the Moscow government, Head of the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow;
  • Putin Dmitry, Deputy Head of the Department of economic policy and development of Moscow;
  • Kuprikova Yana, First Deputy Minister of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk region;
  • Representative of Federal State Autonomous Body Research Institute «Environmental Industrial Policy Centre»;
  • Representative of LLC «Khartiya»
  • Representative of State Corporation «Rostec»


*The program can be changed and supplemented